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A visit from The Outreach Foundation

A visit from The Outreach Foundation

Clockwise • Rev. Dr. Jack W. Baca • Associate Director for Partnership Dev. Rev. Marilyn Borst • Secretary General of NESSL Rev. Joseph Kassab • Director of Dev. Rev. Mark Mueller

The National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon receives a delegation from The Outreach Foundation, Chairman of the board Rev. Jack Baca, Associate Director for Partnership Development Rev. Marilyn Borst and the Director of Development Rev. Mark Mueller.

By RLBJ: It has been many years in this fruitful partnership between the NESSL and the Outrؤؤeach Foundation. This well maintained relationship continues to produce wonderful ministerial opportunities in Syria and Lebanon. Together, many cities, towns and local churches have been assisted with the tools and empowerment to change lives.

The transformation of the social landscape is visible not only in institutional reports and on social media but in the lives of those positively affected by the actions of these two institutions. We hope that, for many years to come this partnership grows stronger and more efficiently.