Home 2020 January 29 CPS Meets PCUSA



With CPS on its way to see the RGB light and PCUSA roaming in the region, the meeting finally took place between the two in NESSL headquarters in Rabyeh.

The attendees in the meeting were:

• Representing NESSL and CPS: The General Secretary of NESSL Rev. Joseph Kassab accompanied by his wife Rev. Najla Kassab, Rev. Souheil Saoud and the newly appointed executive director Mr. Georges Ziadeh;
• Representing PCUSA: Rev. Dr. Christopher Joiner, Rev. Mary Shaw, Rev. David Stivers, Mrs. Cynthia Blackburn and Mr. Michael Reimer.

The meeting piloted from the recent events and how the Synod is trying to cope with and reach out to the most number of people in the most areas possible also the discussion highlighted the importance, impact and influence of the Synod through its committees and institutes, tackling the economical and political situation.

CPS initiated a ”get-to-know” between the two where Mr. Georges Ziadeh introduced CPS, annotating its identity, vision and mission and the conversation lead to the future possible ways of cooperation between the two parties in order to cater more to Syria and Lebanon simultaneously.