Dhour Choueir Evangelical Conference Center

Dhour Choueir Evangelical Center is a conference center of 28. 000 m2 located in mountainous Area, in a small village known as Dhour Choueir, 1250 meter above the ocean level, 30 km from Beirut City. The Center was started as a school in 1874, built in the midst of a forest, then developed as a Conference Center. It is formed of three compounds and a Lecture room, four cottages, Administrative building, and great Area of nature. The center was damaged during the war but was renovated in 1998, and ever since is in use by different groups. It can accommodate around 116 persons. It is a summer Resort and in winter is also heated and in use.


Dhour Choueir Evangelical Conference Center shares the love of Christ with all people and welcomes all who seek spiritual renewal and life lived abundantly.


The center strives to Support the ministry of local Churches and provide a pleasant context for Church gatherings and conferences.– Provide fellowship among Evangelicals, where the Evangelical values are lived.– Serves the surrounding community and provides Cultural and social events.– Welcomes different groups who aim towards ecumenical encounters and dialogue among religions.– Encourages people to Live in Harmony with Creation.


Zahli Evangelical Conference Center