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The Ecclesial and Spiritual Affairs Committee

The Ecclesial and Spiritual Affairs Committee assesses the condition, needs, and growth factors of each church and addresses its areas of weakness to expand the circle of spiritual work in all fields of service.

The committee also studies the need to provide new churches and centers of spiritual service in various communities while training and securing servants for both caring and spiritual work. In addition, it nominates a select group of candidates to support throughout their pursuit of theology studies and provides them with service and follow-up opportunities during the period of their studies.

The Educational Affairs Committee

The Educational Affairs Committee outlines the schools’ educational vision, defines their general goals, and delineates the Christian purpose of their plan of action by the policies and objectives of NESSL’s mission.

The committee initiates school development and improvement plans and oversees the work of each school to submit various reports and recommendations to the administrative council. It also develops policies for the selection of curricula and textbooks, cultivates the skills of elementary and secondary teachers through training seminars in education and Christian education-related subjects as well as arrange student transfers with NESSL schools.

The Financial and Property Affairs Committee

The Financial and Property Affairs Committee seeks ways to increase NESSL’s financial resources while reducing its expenditures and develops appropriate accountability systems for tracing the flow of accounts and cash as well as the bank deposit methodology to be applied by all NESSL churches and institutions upon approval by the administrative council.

Moreover, the committee oversees the internal financial audits of all NESSL churches, institutions, and projects, and monitors the compliance with its financial regulations. It also defines what constitutes proper use and care of NESSL properties, oversees the construction of newly developed projects, and audits the set budgets.

The Media and Publication Committee

In coordination with the secretary general, the Media and Publication Committee directs and oversees all the printing, publishing and documentation of NESSL and its institutions and manages the distribution of the printed materials and publications with the concerned committees.

The committee utilizes all available means to promote the gospel and Christian education by preparing and printing religious books, producing and distributing films, voice recordings, other religious and cultural visual and audio materials for use by all NESSL churches and institutions. Additionally, it provides training seminars on Christian media in NESSL institutions and organizations whenever a training need is identified.

The Medical and Social Services Committee

The Medical and Social Services Committee raises awareness about the importance of diaconal community service in the mission of the church. It proposes a comprehensive policy aimed at providing need-based scholarships in all phases of education to student members of the NESSL community in need of education financial aid.

The committee also develops comprehensive programs aimed at offering a range of human, spiritual and material services to people who need them most: orphans, widows, disabled persons, the lonely, addicts, and disadvantaged others. In addition, it promotes and delivers ongoing awareness campaigns in NESSL churches concerning contemporary humanitarian issues: the environment, human rights, gender, justice, peace, human dignity and literacy and spreads knowledge about health issues and health practices among church members through church centered awareness campaigns (seminars, conferences, activities, etc.).