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The National Evangelical School – Kab Elias

The National Evangelical School –Kab Elias ( NESKE Website )was founded by the American Presbyterian missionaries in the year 1872,  where later its ownership was transferred to the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon.

The school is located in Kab Elias in the Bekaa valley, and was the first co-ed institution in the area. It started as an elementary school with only one classroom, then the number increased to several classrooms until the Synod took a decision to construct a new modern edifice which was accomplished in 2009.   The school then was classified as a Secondary one in 2015,with classes from K to 12.

Our mission is to instill the Evangelical Morals and National Principles without discrimination of religion, creed, color or social standards. We aim to help individuals become initiatives, active, diligent, responsible and sensible human beings who are able to encounter life’s difficulties and surmount its obstacles in order to achieve an advanced, highly developed and progressive society.

To attain our vision that is being the pioneers in our communities, and revitalize positive concepts, we always seek new academic resources and the latest technological accomplishments to shape and mold the student’s personality.

With the guidance and support of the Educational Committee in the Synod, the Synod schools are the first in implementing several international programs in order to achieve high standards of discipline and education.

Below are some of the programs implemented:

1.MAP (Measures of academic progress) this program helps the school to evaluate the progress and instructional needs of the students as well as the effectiveness of the material learned in the institution overtime.

2. “The leader in me program”, this program helps the school (students, parents, teachers and staff) to learn how to be highly effective people through living the principles of the seven habits.

3. “Global Classrooms” Lebanese American University Model United Nations program (GC LAU MUN).

4. Counseling Service Program (presence of a counselor in all NESSL schools).