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Tripoli Evangelical School for Girls and Boys

Founded in 1873, Tripoli Evangelical School for Girls and Boys (TES) has tremendously grown over the years, with one building for Boys on a hill in Kobbe area and another one for girls in Zehrieh street.   In 1976, the Synod decided to merge the two schools into one campus for both genders in Zehrieh.  In 2014 and due to many clashes in the area, TES moved to Ras Maska-EL koura.  A modern and new campus was built to ensure not only a good environment but also stability for both students and teachers.  The School was for a long time the only school in Tripoli that teaches English as a first language besides mother tongue Arabic. Many prominent persons have graduated from TES and they are now leaders in the fields of science, politics, etc…

The school offers both Lebanese and International Programs licensed by the Lebanese Government.  950 students are enrolled for the Academic Year 2016-2017 distributed in its different departments from KG to Grade 12 in its three majors (Life Sciences, General Sciences and Socio Economics).  Being heir to a long tradition and by maintaining its academic level, TES has added programs to enhance its curriculum such as Protect-Ed, MAP (Measure of Academic Progress), and the Leader in Me.  Add to that, the various workshops attended by teachers inside and outside the school.

Once TES has succeeded to serve all people without regard to race, religion, gender and ethnic consideration; its main objective today is to support the maintenance and enhancement of quality standards for teaching and learning through accreditation.  On the long-run, we are looking toward making this accreditation a reality to  help our students pursue a more secure future.